4015: Radius template 30'

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4015: Radius template 30'

Template with radius 30′ (9,1m) for heavier ice hockey goalies.

It gives an ice contact of about 86 mm.
One gets very good balance.

Fits the SSM PROFIL and skate holder SM-6.

The most common use today is having a single radius shape over the whole middle section

– The middle section corresponds to approximately 60-65% of the total length of an ice hockey skate blade.
– A bandy blade instead uses 75-100% (according to the regulations, the tips must have a radius of 5-10 mm).

Radius shape attributes

A larger radius gives more ice contact. This gives higher top speed and better stability, and it is more energy efficient. However, the acceleration and maneuverability will be decreased.
A smaller radius leads to increased friction (more weight on a small area). This will increase maneuverability and acceleration at the cost of top speed, stability and energy consumption.

The lowest point on the skate when you are standing on the ice is called the “pivot point” or “balance point”. This point is normally in the middle of the skate blade. It is also possible to move the pivot point of the skate blade forwards or backwards to alter the lie (pitch) of the skate (for example: moving the pivot point backwards toward the rear results in skate leaning (pitching) more forward.) You will then obtain a different angle towards the ice, the so called pitch; cases are: forward lie, neutral lie or backward lie.

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4015: Radius template 30'