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4002: Radius template 8′

Template with radius 8′ (2.44m) for figure skaters.
Can also be used to shape the front and rear parts on bandy profiles.

As skaters become more advanced and start double and triple jumps they will want the flatter blade profile of 8′. This gives them better edge control and increases glide and speed. With more ice contact (around 44 mm), they can start to prepare the body position for takeoff without falling off the edge so easily.

We recommend a hollowness (radius of hollow) of ¹/₂”- ³/₄” (13-19 mm) for template 8′.
Fits the SSM PROFIL and skate holder SM-6.

A small radius

Will give you more edge. This leads to easier jump landings (more secure edges) and better edge maneuvers (e.g. crossovers). It will provide more tight three-turns and faster spins. However, more grip will increase the friction against the ice. This makes it more tiresome and harder to control (stopping without chatter, or going over your skate).

A large radius

Will give you less edge. This gives you a better flow on the ice (faster and easier to maneuver). However, less grip will make jump landings harder, the spins slower and the three-turns less tight.