Blade marking system

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Blade marking system

Our new sticker for skates.
A simple way to make the necessary markings for contouring.

Made to fit the SSM PROFIL.
Can also be attached to a flat surface.

Mark the blade

With this sticker you can locate the mid point of the skate blade and the surface you intend to shape.

Use on skate blade

Place the blade on top of the sticker. The letters A-L are there to center the skate blade.
(We use letters because there is a slight difference in length between different blade manufacturers.)

When the blade is centered between two identical letters (the ones closest to the outer edge of your blade), mark the center point. Then, use the blade size numbers to mark the area you intend to shape. If you don’t know the blade size, the letters are in sync with the numbers (A=212, B=221 and so on). Note that these markings are for ice hockey blades.


This sticker helps to center the contour template on the SSM PROFIL.
It can also be used for “pitching” the skate blade.

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Blade marking system