4024: Template NA split 4

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4024: Template NA split 4

Contour template with two radii, 10′/11′ (3m/3.3m), for ice hockey players.

Gives increased acceleration; allows fast turns and cross-over skating.
Intended for lighter players and women’s hockey.

Fits the SSM PROFIL and the skate holder SM-6.

The most common use today is having a single radius shape over the whole middle section

– The middle section corresponds to approximately 60-65% of the total length of an ice hockey skate blade.
– A bandy blade instead uses 75-100% (according to the regulations, the tips must have a radius of 5-10 mm).

Using two different radius shapes on the middle section

By using two different radius shapes at the middle section you can combine the abilities from these curves. A smaller radius in the front of the skate blade provides good mobility and grip when accelerating. With a larger radius in the rear, you get extra support and pressure. The combination of a smaller radius in the front and a larger one in the rear results in the skate leaning (pitching) somewhat forward.

Radius shape attributes

A larger radius gives more ice contact. This gives higher top speed and better stability, and it is more energy efficient. However, the acceleration and maneuverability will be decreased.
A smaller radius leads to increased friction (more weight on a small area). This will increase maneuverability and acceleration at the cost of top speed, stability and energy consumption.

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4024: Template NA split 4