4000: Flat template

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4000: Flat template

Flat contour template to make a glide surface on an existing profile.

It is possible to add a flat part onto the radius shape of the skate blade (between 4-6 cm long).
Nowadays, using radius shapes along the whole skate blade is more common.

Fits the SSM PROFIL and skate holder SM-6.

A flat glide surface is optimal as long as it is in a correct angle against the ice (which seldom happens).
It will give you more speed going forward but it is inferior when turning or skating backwards.

This flat area can be in the middle, adjusted towards the front or adjusted towards the rear.
If you move the flat area towards the front you will get a forward lean.

Children 6-8 years – Flat glide surface

When learning how to skate one has problems with stability in foot and ankle joint, both sideways and forwards/backwards. To make learning easier and shorter the skates should be profiled with a glide surface of 6 cm. This means: profile the skate flat in the middle so that the skater gets help with finding stability on the ice. When balance has been obtained, then the flat part becomes more of a gliding surface, and skating becomes much more fun! Sharpen with a hollowness of 35 mm.

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4000: Flat template